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Archivi affettivi/Affective Archives


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Archivi affettivi/Affective Archivesis the catalogue of the 2010 Performance Studies International research cluster event which took place in Vercelli and Turin (Italy):Affective Archives.

If a theatre or performance event is not an object, but is temporally contingent and bound to disappearance, how can it be archived and what transformations does its archiving compel? How is it possible to archive, witness and convey the affective relationship with a performance event? In other words, what shape could an affective archive take?

Starting from these questions, the curators invited Italian and international scholars into dialogue with four artists (Claudia Castellucci /SocietasRaffaello Sanzio, Cesare Pietroiusti, Massimo Bartolini and Lois Weaver), who devised the performative frames for four conference panels. As a result, the conference format was contaminated by performance, installation and card games.

The catalogue gathers project documents, manifestos, contracts, open calls, addresses to the speakers and self-reflective essays, as well as all the abstracts of papers and a selection of images gleaned from the spectatorial documentation that was encouraged. It also includes an ‘anti-documentary’ DVD by the Sicilian art collective canecapovolto, who were invited to hybridize the affective archive ofAffective Archives.

Edizioni Mercurio, 2013. One book (118 pages) and one DVD (14 mins). Language: Italiano and English. 22cm x 22cm.

ISBN: 978-88-98269-01-3