SPILL Study Boxes (2012)

by Lois Keidan and Aaron Wright

In 2012, SPILL Festival  of Performance, Ipswich invited the Agency to create a special pop-up version of the Study Room for the SPILL Study Café.

For the Study Café the Agency curated a selection of 20 Study Boxes each containing a range of hand picked DVDs, books and other materials around specific themes that we believed would inspire, excite and intrigue artists and audiences attending the Festival in Ipswich.

Although the selected materials are no longer in their Study Boxes you can use the list of materials within the Study Room Guide to explore the themes and artists during your visit to the Agency’s Study Room.

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Part of Study Boxes

IBT Study Boxes (2013)

Each of the Study Boxes contains between five and eight hand picked books and other materials drawn from LADA’s Study Room.

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Live Collision (2014)

LADA curated a small selection of study boxes for the Live Collision Festival, containing hand picked books and other materials from the study room.

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Tempting Failure (2014)

Responding to key themes developed by Tempting Failure, the eight Study Boxes contain items each that can be explored in a quick browse or a day-long study.

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