Mikhail Karikis and Live Art Development Agency, 2012, PAL DVD, 23 mins

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The film XENON is a poignant political allegory based on a performance art opera by artist Mikhail Karikis. Using the original score and performers. Karikis and the artist/filmmaker David Bickerstaff come together in a collaboration to produce a cinematic experience melding experimental film, performance art and contemporary opera.

The unusual absence of a colleague triggers reactions in seven workers in an austere office. Yearning to overcome their oppressive routine, each character enters a psychic space to battle with censorship, aspirations and failure. Haunted by a wandering zombie and a blistering figure in the basement, the dystopian workplace is contrasted with sequences of reverie where each character searches for her/his voice, freedom of speech, dignity and human rights.

The film features performances by dancer and choreographer Maurice Causey, vocalists Amy Cunningham and E.laine, viola player Conail Gleeson, Juice Vocal Ensemble, Jade Pybus, artists Monica Ross* and Mikhail Karikis.

*XENON features sections of Anniversary – an act of memory by Monica Ross.