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Publishing > 2014

15th Anniversary print: Hugo Glendinning, Tea Break/Illusion

An iconic image created with Hugo Glendinning’s long term collaborators Forced Entertainment

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Life II [in Progress]

An ongoing, long-term project that repeats a single-staged sequence year in and year out

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HINCH: A film about Ian Hinchliffe


Introduction to the strange and wonderful world of the artist Ian Hinchliffe

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Double Exposures

Collaborative venture between Manuel Vason and forty artists working with performance in the UK

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15th Anniversary print: George Chakravarthi, Barflies: triptych Polaroid prints

A mounted triptych of prints derived from George Chakravarthi’s Barflies project

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15th Anniversary print: Tim Etchells, Look Away

A lino-cut limited edition print entitled ‘LOOK AWAY’ by Tim Etchells

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15th Anniversary print: Raimund Hoghe – Throwing the Body Into the Fight

Print by Rosa Frank, from Raimund Hoghe’s performance ‘Throwing the Body Into the Fight’

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15th Anniversary print: Zierle & Carter, Under Cover

Zierle & Carter explore their fascination for the unknown, for otherness, the surreal and humour

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15th Anniversary print:  Hugo Glendinning and Manuel Vason, Double Exposures, 2013

The print depicts photographers Vason and Glendinning in front and behind the camera at the same time

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re.act.feminism #2 – a performing archive

‘re.act.feminism #2’ exhibition publication exploring feminist, gender-critical & queer performance art

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