Published by the Live Art Development Agency, 2013, PAL-DVD. 285 mins

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4 x 4 Screens is a series of four evolving walking-video experiments (2005-2007) exploring time, distance and the framing of space and place.

Each 60-90 minute video uses a split-screen format to capture different strategies for spatial reconnaissance employed by the four members of Wrights & Sites as they drift a series of parallel landscapes. Sometimes walking with guest camera-operators, sometimes carrying the cameras themselves; sometimes in different locations, sometimes together within one landscape; sometimes recorded simultaneously, sometimes one after the other…each exhibits playful tensions between walkers (who decide where and how to go) and camera operators (who decide what to focus on), as well as chance connections and collisions between each of the 4 screens. These works have had limited public exposure and have not been grouped together before.

Formed in UK, 1997, Wrights & Sites are four artist-researchers (Stephen Hodge, Simon Persighetti, Phil Smith and Cathy Turner) who employ disrupted walking strategies as tools for playful debate, collaboration, intervention and spatial meaning-making.


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