Potentials of Performance

Potentials of Performance (2011/2012) is the third and final year of Performance Matters. Led by the project’s postgraduate researchers, it features a vibrant series of commissioned process-led dialogue projects taking place throughout the year.  Exploring and exploding the dialogue as a potential format for thinking through and testing possible futures, it addresses timely questions of performance, promise and transformation. Dialogue projects cross performance’s cultural and international contexts and range from intimate conversations and collaborations to pedagogical experiments and public interventions – all asking what lies latent within performance? What is waiting to be realized, developed, and made legible? What does performance hold in store in its present-day testing of the limits of the social, the cultural, the vital and the critical?

For details of Potentials of Performance ongoing dialogue projects see the website.

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Photograph: Christa Holka.


Reimagining Care: 200 Questions About Care by Rubiane Maia

Rubiane Maia’s 200 Questions about Care were developed out of her research as part of the six-month residency Reimagining Care.

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A series of debates between eminent artists and scientists at the Old Operating Theatre.

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Monica Ross: A Symposium

Speakers who knew Monica Ross personally will explore her contributions

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Study Room Gathering on the Live Female Body in Current Feminist Performance Practice, UK & US

Poppy Jackson will discuss recent research into the feminist performance scene

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Hauntings and Herstories: Feminist Live Art in 1980s and 1990s Ireland

A research project led by Clare Daly in a collaboration between LADA and the Department of Drama at the University of Roehampton, funded by the TECHNE doctoral awards scheme.

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Fundraising Resource Handbook

Artsadmin, Home Live Art and LADA worked to develop a free online Fundraising Resource Handbook

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Reading Performance Art From Then Till Now

A debate as part of Whitechapel Gallery’s A Short History of Performance season.

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