Documenting Intimacy

Documenting Intimacy was a research initiative piloted by Brian Lobel and Marisa Zanotti (University of Chichester) in collaboration with LADA, which explored documenting one-to-one performance from the perspective of artists.

The research process was initiated by asking a community of artists about their experiences with one-to-one performance and the pressures, both artistically and professionally, to document performance, and to document performance well.

The subsequent Documenting Intimacy website features responses from the artists Oreet Ashery, Tania El Khoury, Taylan Halici and Amy Rosa who were each commissioned to create a document of a singular piece of their one-to-one practice. The openness of this prompt allowed them to take the idea of documentation in whichever way felt most natural and exciting for them as artists.

It is hoped that the documentation created through these commissions will be both useful to each artists’ practice and to a wider audience of researchers and artists who care about artistic methodologies and how these affect audience reception.

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Tania El Khoury image courtesy of the artist


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