Accelerator Programme

The Accelerator Programme is a partnership between Julies Bicycle and Arts Council England to inspire environmental action across the arts and cultural sector. LADA is delighted to announce that our proposal on behalf of LADA & Live Art UK and Gasworks & Triangle Network has been accepted into the second cohort. This is a great opportunity for us all of to think strategically about, and continue to act on issues of Climate Justice. The programme runs until September 2021.

The Live Art Development Agency (LADA) and Gasworks will address the challenges of Climate Justice within the context of both organisations’ creative field, and the large networks of organisations that we host both nationally and internationally.

The project will respond to individuals and organisations that are hardest hit by climate catastrophe and social injustice, research how organisations across international networks can better communicate, readdress past harms and strive to move from an extractive framework to a regenerative one. LADA and Gasworks intend to look at the cultural sector through an intersectional lens, understanding how Class, Race, Sexuality, Age and Gender informs artists and organisations’ opportunities, resources and structures within the arts sector and society as a whole.

We hope this work will empower our partners in Live Art UK and the Triangle Network to influence others around them, whether this be staff, artists or audiences local to their organisations who are either the most affected, displaced and/or oppressed. The impact we will strive to achieve is the transference of knowledge, and power, from those least affected, to those who are the most.

The ultimate aim of this collaboration is to ensure the values of Climate Justice can be put to use more effectively for the benefit of those disproportionality affected by climate catastrophe and social injustice.

We will be providing regular updates about the programme, if you have any immediate questions about the Accelerator Programme please do contact Ben.

LADA is the coordinator of Live Art UK, a national network of 30 venues, festivals and organisations that regularly provides information, collaborations, bursaries and opportunities across the Live Art sector. All of the members work with radical artists who face pressing environmental and social injustices. LADA is concerned with how we work to best support those individuals, spaces and the network/sector as a whole.

Gasworks is the hub of the Triangle Network, an international network of over 30 arts organisations, in Latin America, Africa and South Asia, where access to resources is more limited in comparison to the Global North. The Triangle Network regularly develops and facilitates artists’ residencies and workshops as well as peer-to-peer exchanges, both between the UK and the rest of the world or within a specific region. As a Network who supports and shares knowledge with their partners, Gasworks wishes to develop awareness, re-distributed across the Network, that arts organisations can integrate a fairer Climate Justice into their structural and creative working process.

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