One To One – Individual Artists’ Bursaries in Live Art 2000/2001

The Live Art Development Agency and London Arts are delighted to announce that eight London based artists have been awarded One To One bursaries for 2000/2001.

Now in its second year the One To One bursary scheme is a joint initiative between the Live Art Development Agency and the Combined Arts Unit of London Arts. The bursaries are for artists to undertake self determined programmes of process-based work that will stimulate new ideas, develop different ways of working and ultimately enhance their artistic practice. Uniquely, the framework and guidelines for the One To One bursaries were devised in response to the findings of a series of artists' Focus groups run by the Live Art Development Agency in summer 2000.

The bursaries were selected by a small advisory panel composed of Lois Keidan and Catherine Ugwu of the Live Art Development Agency, Paula Brown of London Arts, Chris Dorley-Brown and Robert Pacitti.


The One To One 2000/2001 artists

The eight One To One bursary artists for 2000/2001 represent a diversity of constituencies and practices and cover a range of process based programmes.

Ju Row Farr received a bursary for time and space to explore notions of interactivity in relation to evolving practices, cultural structures/spaces and audiences' experiences and to enhance her technical skills, particularly in photography and editing.

Geraldine Pilgrim received a bursary to take time to develop writing skills and the use of her own voice in her work, to broaden the canvas and the siting of her practice, to re-engage notions of the self in her work and to research European contexts for her work after years of absence from the international arena.

Ursula Martinez received a bursary for time and space to develop a studio based practice, to research the sitings of her performance, to work across a range of new disciplines, to acquire training new media and to undertake specific research into working with 'non performers'

Dorothea Smartt received a bursary to undertake an intense and extensive mentoring and development programme with acclaimed US artist Robbie McCauley.

Ernst Fischer received a bursary to undertake specific training and practice-based research into ideas and possibilities around the sitings of performance and particularly the notion of the 'serving' of performance.

Marisa Carnesky received a bursary for time and space to develop and enhance the technical and artistic aspects of work (including specific voice and movement training) and to explore a range of perfomance forms through experimentations.

Emmanuelle Waeckerle received a bursary for time and space to develop the use and the implications of the voice in her practice, to enhance and improve her perfomance skills and to gain greater knowledge of new technologies in relation to her developing practice.

Franko B received a bursary for time and space to develop his sculptural/object making practice out of and in relation to his performance work and to consolidate his vast body of documented work and performance reliquary into a living archive.


Background to One To One bursary scheme

The exploratory processes and broad based disciplines of Live Art demand different approaches to ideas of art and artists development. Conventional ideas of training, product placement and vertical career trajectories are often unable to effectively address how artists are supported in their artistic and professional development. Under pressure to produce new work and simply survive in the cultural market place, many artists engaging with Live Art are denied opportunities to fully formulate their ideas or their practices or self-determine their role and representation. Moreover, how ideas come into being is a complex process in itself and given that Live Art is grounded in ideas and imagining different ways of approaching art and audiences, supporting the development of new ideas is not only intrinsic to, but is also the driving force of the Live Art sector.

The One To One bursary scheme is an an opportunity to actively contribute to artists' development by introducing new ways of responding to individual artists and their diverse needs and unpicking and influencing the forces that impact on their practice.

For further information about One To One or any of the participating artists please contact the Live Art Development Agency.

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