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Live Art Advisory Network

The Live Art Advisory Network (LAAN) is a partnership between Live Art Development Agency and Artsadmin.

LAAN draws together the distinct expertise of the organisations to support the professional development of London-based artists.

LAAN runs the regular Talking Shop open access advisory sessions for emerging artists. Through their separate organisations, LAAN also provides a range of online resources, details of which can be found below.

The Live Art Development Agency

Mission: The Live Art Development Agency offers resources, professional development initiatives, projects and publishing for the support and development of Live Art practices and critical discourses in the UK and internationally.

All of the Agency’s work is undertaken strategically, in partnership, and in consultation with artists and organisations in the cultural sector with the aim of responding to the innovative, diverse and shifting nature of Live Art, and contributing to the development of new art, artists, audiences, contexts, discourses, and policy.

The Agency houses an open access Study Room research facility; runs Unbound, an online shop for Live Art books, DVDs, and editions; pioneers models of artistic and professional development, dialogue and debate; contributes to research culture, knowledge transfer and pedagogy; and develops new ways of increasing access to, and engagement with, Live Art through programming and publishing projects.

Distinct activities:

  • Live Art specialism
  • London, national and international reach
  • Resources and research facilities, including the Live Art Collection and other online resources
  • Advocacy and strategic interventions through curatorial projects, research initiatives and partnerships
  • Publishing and distribution


Artsadmin makes art happen. Our vision is to be an arts lab for the 21st Century for the creation of performance, site-specific and interdisciplinary work, where the innovative, experimental and unusual are nurtured. We do this by:

  • Discovering and developing artistic talent and supporting artists at all stages of their career
  • Responding to the creativity of artists and using our expertise to help them realise ambitious ideas
  • Creating safe and supportive spaces for artistic experiment, risk-taking and development
  • Being truly collaborative; sharing knowledge and resources and creating meaningful partnerships and networks
  • Responding to the changing environment we live in; being a leader in the arts for work that addresses the issue of climate change and finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of the arts

As artists continue to question the world, to push boundaries and challenge preconceptions, our role is to help them to do it.

Distinct activities:

  • Provides comprehensive management services to 12 artists on a long-term basis whose work ranges across theatre, visual art, dance, and Live Art
  • Acts as producer for numerous artist led projects in the above art-forms
  • Provides long-term advocacy and support to 20 Associate Artists
  • Curates projects and commissions new work
  • Runs a bespoke one-to-one advisory service and several artistic development initiatives including bursary schemes and online links and resources
  • Offers extensive education, participation and training opportunities
  • Manages Toynbee Studios; offering space for artists to research, rehearse and perform, in addition to regular public events and showcases
  • Offers paid traineeships to emerging producers and arts administrators
  • London, national and international reach

Banner image credit:

Talking Shop special event at Matt Roberts Art Project Space, 2010.


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