Laboratories and workshops

The Agency collaborates on workshops, laboratories and masterclasses with leading UK and international practitioners within the context of its broader programmes with the aim of stimulating new process and approaches and furthering international dialogues.

Past Workshops

Restock Rethink, Reflect One (2006) hosted a Lore and Other Convergences laboratory led by Janine Antoni.  Lore and Other Convergences offered fifteen UK practitioners the opportunity to work alongside Janine Antoni, exploring the intersection between process and product through the creation of a 25m rope made of significant personal materials. The workshop was accompanied by a series of talks and a public sharing of outcomes at Iniva in November 2006. Documentation of these events can be viewed in the Agency’s Study Room.

Performance Matters hosted a series of contextualising workshops with Ong Keng Sen, Julie Tolentino, and Janine Antoni for Performing Idea (2010), and with Vaginal Davis and Oreet Ashery for Trashing Performance (2011).

Live Culture (2003) hosted a masterclass led by Guillermo Gómez-Peña exploring questions of collaboration and cross-racial unity through experimental art. The masterclass generated the pool of collaborating UK artists and the content for a new durational performance installation Ex Centris, an interactive museum of experimental ethnography featuring living dioramas of ‘inter-cultural specimens’ that parodied colonial practices of representation.

Performing Rights facilitated Creative Resistance workshops led by John Jordan for both Performing Rights London (2006) and Performing Rights Vienna (2007) looked at methodologies of art and activism.

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Julie Tolentino workshop for Performing Idea. Photograph: Hugo Glendinning

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