DIY Progression: a new project from Daniel Oliver

DIY is LADA’s long-running programme of artist-led development opportunities – projects BY artists, FOR artists. DIYs are unusual, idiosyncratic projects designed to respond to the eclectic needs of artists working in Live Art. Following generous support for the 2017-18 DIY programme from Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Daniel Oliver is the third recipient of a DIY Progression award, receiving ‘follow-on’ funds to support the development of ideas emerging from his previous two DIY projects, Awkwoods from DIY12, and Max DYSPRAXE’S performance world neurodivergent revolution fun-time from DIY14.

Daniel will convene an intensive residency at Live Art Bistro in Leeds, bringing together a group of early-career and established artists who will explore the relationship between dysfunction, neurodivergence, and experimental performance. Over four days eating, sleeping and working together, the artists will establish and commit to the fictional scenario of a post-apocalyptic future dystopia.

Daniel comments: I am so excited to receive this support! I’ll be able to bring together an amazing collection of neurodivergent performance people to revisit and explode and carefully rebuild and deconstruct and clumsily re-enact my previous DIY projects. Thank you very much to Live Art Development Agency and Jerwood Charitable Foundation, and to Live Art Bistro! 

About DIY Progression

DIY Progression was a one-off initiative supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation to allow artists to develop the work undertaken on their DIYs. This could involve the creation of new performance works, ongoing collaborative research with other artists, or something else entirely. As well as Daniel Oliver the other recipients of the DIY Progression awards were Curious and Seke Chimutengwende & Alexandrina Hemsley.

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From DIY14: Max DYSPRAXE’s Performance World Neurodivergent Revolution Funtime, led by Daniel Oliver (image courtesy of the artist)


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