Live Art in Denmark


The Live Art Development Agency and Artsadmin are pleased to announce

Live Art in Denmark: A presentation by Live Art DK

Why is the Danish scene interesting? Actually, it is not! The question should be how to make the Danish scene interesting!

We regard Live Art as an interdisciplinary and performative investigation, based on ideas, and not on a technique like acting or painting. This is a new approach in Denmark. Very often the good ideas are simple and easy to understand by anybody at any age. So we encourage Danish artists to work idea-based, and we design our formats carefully to support ideas through the selected context and venue. Each has it own dramaturgy. We also support audience engagement by making our projects and events easily accessible and creating a nice atmosphere.

One popular format is our discussion night with 3 artists, a free meal and a glass of wine. This has taken place regularly since 2010. We have also had critical writing seminars, month-long residences, an exhibition of performance art created for video, renowned painters doing face painting on adults, workshops and festivals for adults and children. In Denmark and abroad, we are concerned with presentation, production and documentation; the three legs that any art form rests on. We have learned much from the English Live Art institutions and numerous English artists, we have presented so far. We look forward to telling you more about our work and the Danish scene on 13th July  – Live Art DK, June 2015.

Banner image credit:

Face Painting for Adults, October 2014 by Live Art DK

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