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HOTLINE aims to be a space for debate and interaction. A space to get inside the heads of artists, performers, friends, friends of friends and unknowns. An itinerant space for interactions and opinions, outside your bedroom and beyond your Facebook feed.

We're interested in the ways that environment affects and directs conversation and each event will take place in a different space. Maybe it's worth nothing that we are wary of HOTLINE becoming an institution in itself. 

Our intention as organisers/curators/low-key hosts is to create a frame that enables access to people we find interesting and the things that they find interesting at the moment, but also to engage with the growing demand for artists to be present, in ways beyond the show/exhibition/text.

— Jamila Johnson-Small and Sara Sassanelli.


Kitty Fedorec
Kitty Fedorec is a performer and creator, with a strong interest in the relationship between movement, place, and the mind. Her work is informed by her relationship with mental illness and neuroatypicality. Kitty is a Candoco artist, dances with Subtle Kraft Co, and has a practice centred in cross discipline collaboration.

Monsur Mansoor
“Hi I'm Monsur Mansoor. I'm from' & based in' & i'm a dance-worker & artist. My current research explores choreographic strategies to undermine economies of capture, exhaustion & exploitation of dance-workers & dance-work, as well as a critique of the circulation of plastic diversity-unity-self(ie)-performance that problematises the preservation of bodies that white supremacy would rather erase. These concerns are ongoing & will manifest as a research-project in spring 2017 called ''UnUseful Research'', exploring destituent communal action (Dance Undercommons) & I'm making a solo ''WanTanaSloMoBae'' too. Currently an Xmas temp to pay the bills”.

Emily Pope
Emily Pope (b.1990) is an artist and writer based in London. Her practice explores the potential of socio-political monologues and how these function within contemporary media. She is particularly interested in sarcasm and representations of 'class' in art, like most artists. Recent exhibitions and projects include: The Court Summons – Ladette Space, London, Tarantallegra – Hester Gallery NY, Got 2 B (ongoing) on Resonance FM and On Coping with Auto Italia. Emily studied at the School of the Damned in 2014 and recently graduated from Critical Writing at the Royal College of Art.


HOTLINE#1 Liv Fontaine + Liv Wynter @ The Rebel Man Standard Festival, April 2016
HOTLINE#2 Travis Alabanza + Season Butler + Paul Maheke @ Artsadmin, September 2016 

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credit: Katarzyna Perlak & Jordan Taylor/hotlinemashup

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Dangerous Border Crossers: performingborders x La Pocha Nostra

02 Aug 2024

performingborders invites you to delve with them into LADA Study Room’s resources around borders and performances

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La Pocha Nostra in London: 100 Ways to Cross the Border

09 Jul 2024

Join us for the film screening with a special performative introduction from Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Balitrónica, followed by drinks.

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La Pocha Nostra’s Live Art Laboratory: An artistic reflection on radical pedagogy

02 Jul 2024

An online event presenting Ria Righteous’s reflections on La Pocha Nostra’s 2015 12-day intensive cross-cultural workshop in Athens.

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LADA Screens: Lucy Sheen – Online Screening

29 Jun 2024 - 26 Jul 2024

An online screening of ‘Abandoned Adopted Here‘ by Lucy Sheen.

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LADA Screens: Lucy Sheen

28 Jun 2024

An in-person screening of ‘Abandoned Adopted Here‘ by Lucy Sheen.

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When Earth Speaks: A Dirty Ensemble

08 Jun 2024

When Earth Speaks: A Dirty Ensemble by Live Art in Rural UK artist Miranda Whall, is a collaboration between humans and the earth, exploring the intersection between the arts and sciences

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