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Second Arthole Artist’s Award announced

LADA is delighted to announce that the recipient of the second Arthole Artist’s Award is Stacy Makishi.

Arthole is a LADA initiative intended to plug a hole in art funding for open-ended research and professional development.

The Award supports groundbreaking and inspirational UK-based artists working in Live Art with £10,000 to undertake a self determined research and artistic development programme. The Award particularly encourages research into a range of critical, cultural, and practical concepts; dialogues and intergenerational collaborations; and ideas of legacy and future potentials. Each award is made possible by the generous support of an Arthole Patron.

Following an open call for applications for Arthole in January 2019, LADA received 52 proposals addressing a wide range of concepts and enquiries, and reflecting the diverse and exciting ways in which artists working with Live Art approach their artistic and professional development. Stacy Makishi was selected for the Award by LADA in dialogue with our second Arthole Award Patron, Alex Mahon CEO of Channel 4.

Stacy Makishi is a transplant from Hawaii who found paradise in Dalston, East London. She has been making art for over 30 years. A cross-fertilization of theatre, comedy, film and visual art, her work is as complex as it is accessible; humorous as it is challenging; visual as it is literate. It ranges across solo performances for stage, large-scale outdoor participatory projects and intimate one-to-ones. Stacy is also a teacher, director and mentor in international demand.

Stacy Makishi in front of a black background, holding a lettuce head next to her head Stacy Makishi, image by Holly Revell

“I used to wonder why it was called Live Art. After doing it for over 25 years, I realize it’s because Live Art is about aliveness… about making myself fully available to life, all of life: the sorrow, joy, anguish, excitement, jealousy, shame, gratitude, disappointment, sadness and love. Live art feels a lot like dying. Like living inside a hole. An ass hole. An art hole. Yes. Art is in that hole. With this Arthole, I will have time and resources to: make it, avoid it, study it, wrestle it, do it, explore it, hate it and love it. I hope to learn a lot while I’m down in my hole … and look forward to share whatever I learn with you.”
– Stacy on receiving the Arthole Award

“Today is mother’s day! The Arthole Award, what a gift? I am so grateful. I used to worry that Stacy wouldn’t have any children… how would love live on? The Arthole offers a kind of legacy… a way that ‘Aloha’ will live on … Stacy will pass on what she learns to her community, her students and her life’s work.  ‘E Hoomau Maua Kealoha (may our love last forever)’.”
– Amy Makishi, Stacy’s Mum


The Arthole Artist’s Award was conceived by the artist Joshua Sofaer, and developed by LADA in collaboration with Gary Carter in 2015.  Read about the background to Arthole. The first Arthole Award recipient was Marcia Farquhar.

The Second Arthole Artist’s Award Patron is Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4.

Read Alex Mahon’s blog Some thoughts on Arthole and the trustworthiness of friends about her experience of becoming LADA’s second Arthole Award Patron.

Read Joshua Soafer’s ‘bare bones’ blog about the process of securing our second Arthole Patron.

Banner image credit:

Stacy (right) and Amy Makishi (left), photo Lisa Asagi

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