DIY 13: 2016 - Louise Orwin ‘Oh Yes! Oh No!: A Good Girl’s Guide to Liberating Your Orgasm’


Let’s talk about sex, baby. This performance artist and novice sexual deviant wants to help you liberate your orgasm via a journey through Leeds’ sex scene

Project summary

 ‘I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer’ Joan Rivers

Recently I’ve been thinking about what turns me on, and the politics of desire: how it is performed, how we can understand it, and where the intersection between desire and identity lies in our current political climate. I want to know if I own my turn-ons in an empowered way, and begin to untangle it from the narrative of desire patriarchal culture weaves for us. This workshop asks its participants to come on a journey of sexual exploration with me: an erotic writing workshop, a journey through Leeds’ red light district, and a night out at a sex party. Alongside this we will spend time talking through our experiences, our politics, and working with our bodies in a workshop environment. How can we understand what turns us on? And what does our desire tell us about the society we live in? 


This workshop is for the brave of heart, curious of mind, and tingly of nether regions. IThe application requires answers to the following questions: What turns you on? What draws you to this workshop, and what would you like to get out of it? How do you think this workshop will benefit your arts practice? Please also send a short paragraph about yourself and your work, including any experience you might have of sex parties.

This workshop is open to artists of any gender, and at all stages of their career, but particularly welcomes those who have an interest in gender and sexuality in their work. You must be available for the duration of the workshop to apply.

The workshop will take place in Leeds. Entry to activities will be included, but you will need to arrange your own accommodation, or contribute towards a group dorm in a nearby hostel. Please note you must be over the age of 21 to apply.

Dates, times and location

Dates: Thu 1 - Sun 4 September 2016
Times: TBC
Location: Live Art Bistro, Leeds
This DIY is supported by Live Art Bistro

The artist

I’m a London-based live artist and researcher, making work from a place of vulnerability, honesty and risk. My work often comes from a deeply personal place, but usually isn't autobiographical- rather it is about you and me, and our relationship. I am preoccupied with liveness, failure, awkwardness and my own doomed sense of femininity, which I feel imposes cultural limitations on my self and my practice. I enjoy playing with these perceived limitations, often entangling it with aspects of pop culture that I take deep pleasure from. I am currently touring my most recent work ‘A Girl and A Gun’.

Part of DIY 13: 2016 Project List


Live Art Bistro
Regent Street
Leeds LS27QA