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Knitting Iron

Live Art Development Agency, London, 2012, PAL-DVD, 113 mins

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Poshya Kakil graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Erbil in 2009 and is one of the most influential younger generation of female performance artists from Iraqi Kurdistan. Kakil’s art directly explores her identity as a Kurdish woman living in Iraq. Her performances explore her lived reality and reflect systems of kinship, gender, religion, barriers and borders. Despite geopolitical and border restrictions, she continues to collaborate with artists working all over the world, and has developed languages and strategies through her art practice, including frequently performing through the internet with collaborators.

This DVD features the documentary film Knitting Iron, along with documentation of Kakil’s performance works, including a participatory performance work made with and by imprisoned Kurdish women. This DVD has been produced as one of Kakil’s strategies for offering audiences outside of Iraq access to her work.