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10 Minutes For 10 Years

Live Art Development Agency

1 Edition of 10, C-Type print, unframed, 50.8cm x 61cm, signed and editioned on back

This is one of the Live Art Development Agency’s tenth anniversary commissioned artworks exclusive to Unbound.

To celebrate 10 years of the Live Art Development Agency, Manuel invited 8 artists who have a history with the Agency to participate in a special 10 minute-exposure group photograph taken on rare Polaroid film, with himself and Lois Keidan. The eight invited artists are: Barby Asante, Sheila Ghelani, Kazuko Hohki, Helena Hunter, Eirini Kartsaki, Robert Pacitti, Rajni Shah and Lois Weaver.

About Tenth anniversary commissioned artworks

To mark its tenth year in 1999 the Agency commissioned ten artists to create anniversary presents around variations on the number ten in terms of editions or prices.  The presents range from mass produced, cheap and cheerful merchandise, to limited edition artworks.