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I’m Here is a new publication by Franko B and David Caines. The book is available in PDF form – and exclusively through Unbound. A very limited edition of 22 physical copies are no longer available.

I’m here (editing my time) an offering

A collection of images and critical writing about my time and work edited by me from material that forms my archive held at the University of Bristol spanning over 30 years of my art practice.

I’m here is a collaborative project with artist and designer David Caines and made possible by the generosity of artists, collaborators, scholars, curators, academics and friends that have contributed to my life journey and work.

I’m here brings together images and text by me and text by scholars, academics, curators, and artists that have featured in my life both professionally, and in many cases also personally.

Most of these contributions have already appeared in publications about my work that were published in the past 25 years or so.

What I’m trying to do here is to pull some of the images and text from the archive boxes and publications in the archive deposit to offer a more immediate and affordable accessibility to students, scholars, academics, curators, art lovers, and my contemporaries all around the world, as not every body would have the opportunity to visit the archive in person.

Franko B

I’m Here responds to the acquisition of Franko B’s archive by the University of Bristol. The archive contains more than 30 years of material relating to Franko’s performances, exhibitions, screenings, visual art, collaborations and his work as a curator, lecturer and mentor. All items, including digitised copies of the videos in the collection, are available to view on site at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection.

I’m Here features essays by Stuart Morgan, Andrea Pagnes, Ruvi Simmons, Michelle Robecchi, Lois Keidan, Sarah Wilson, Dominic Johnson, Amelia Jones, Jennifer Doyle, David Thorp, Ron Athey, Franko B, Francesca Alfano Miglietti, Diana Damian, and Becky Haghpanah-Shirwan.

The publication includes over 400 archival images by Hugo Glendinning, Thomas Qualmann, Franko B, Manuel Vason, Eva Novillo, Niko Raes, SAMO/Daniel Bollinger, Ali Zaidi, Nicholas Sinclair, David Clark Allen, Pia Randall-Goddard, Jamie Mack, Al Overdrive, Michael Turkiewicz, Henrik Vering, Frances Ottaway, James Tye, Gerard Rancinan, Cesare Fullone, Giuditta Fullone, Riccardo Dogana, Carlo Cupaiolo, Henry Ruggeri, Galleria Pack, and Nikolina Jankovic.

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