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The essence of performance art

Artist/Author: Gisela Hochuli | Reference: D2322 | Type: DVD

A discussion in 17 thematic segments. 53 minutes.

Prayer for the Abstract

Artist/Author: Lilach Livne | Reference: P3672 | ISBN: 978-3-947516-03-2 | Type: Publication

Resisting the control of the image, transcending from the 2-dimensional, practicing being-a-body-in-the-world.

Under the Covers

Artist/Author: Zoo Indigo | Reference: P3031 | Type: Publication

In this interactive media performance Zoo Indigo take their babies on tour so they can perform while you babysit. 

Includes the 2012 performance text and a DVD.

Part of Live Art and Motherhood: A Study Room Guide on Live Art and the Maternal (P3025).

Practice comes before Labour : An attempt to read performance through Marx’s notion of practice

Artist/Author: Josefine Wikström | Reference: A0581 | Type: Article

Article exploring the relationship between the critical categories 'performance' and 'labour' through the broader term 'practice' developed in Marx's more mature writings.

Art, Live and Videotape

Artist/Author: Aine Phillips | Reference: A0504 | Type: Article

Four performance artists meet to consider the use of video in their work and their relationship to the medium. Can be found in Miscellaneous folder number 3

Create News 2, March 2007: Audience

Artist/Author: Brian Maguire | Reference: P1733 | Type: Publication

Create News, Issue 2: Brian Maguire reports on practice, process and audience, what do we want to acheive? Create News is published twice a year, features a guest writer and offers information on Create events and services.

How to be an Artist

Artist/Author: Atavar, Michael | Reference: P1330 | ISBN: 978-0-9531073-1-5 | Type: Publication

Art as Life

Artist/Author: Kaprow, Allan | Reference: P1341 | ISBN: 978-0-500-23848-6 | Type: Publication