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Gardens Speak

Artist/Author: Tania El Khoury | Digital Reference: EF5153 | Type: Digital File

Video documentation of an interactive sound installation containing the oral histories of 10 ordinary people who have been buried in Syrian gardens.

Sexist and Racist People Go to the Theatre Too

Artist/Author: Tania El Khoury | Reference: P2660 | Type: Publication

Article on how intimate performance develop the relationship between audience and performer/performance.

Maybe if you choreograph me you will feel better

Artist/Author: Tania El Khoury | Digital Reference: EF5155 | Type: Digital File

Video documentation of interactive performance for two audience members set between a street and a second story window.

Before the Beep

Artist/Author: Konic Thtr | Reference: D1836 | Type: DVD

Documentation recorded at Video de L’espectacle Filmat en Directe Antic Theatre. in Spanish and English

GilbertandGrape, EstherandCarmen

Artist/Author: GilbertandGrape, EstherandCarmen | Reference: D1629 | Type: DVD

Recording of performances. 2004-2008.


Artist/Author: PVI Collective | Reference: P1640 | Type: Publication

Publication includes a performance/event description an 7 ‘code of conduct’ cards. See also D1655 for full documentation.

Made in Paradise

Artist/Author: Yan Duyvendak and Nicole Borgeat | Reference: P1076 | Type: Publication

Reversed pagination – right to left