Pop-up LADA Study Room

LADA is delighted to be setting up a temporary Study Room at DRAWN, a week long exhibition of durational performance art examining place and identity in Folkestone, Kent presented by ]performance s p a c e [ .

 ]performance s p a c e [ will hand pick a selection of publications from LADA's Study Room looking at specific themes related to the DRAWN exhibition. Materials will be available from 12-6pm for a quick browse or day-long study throughout the exhibition.

The Study Room is the core resource of LADA and is a free, open access research facility located in Hackney Wick, London, which houses one of the largest publicly accessible libraries of Live Art related videos, DVDs and publications in the world.

More information on the DRAWN programme.

Date: 4 October 2016 to 9 October 2016

Venue: ]performance s p a c e [


64 Tontine Street

Tickets: Free