Performance & Live Art at the Edge(s) - Sunday Brunch

LADA is collaborating with ]performance s p a c e [ and Folkestone Fringe on a brunch discussing creative practice on, or at, ‘the edge’ by reflecting on the programmes of both  ]performance s p a c e [ ‘s WAKE Festival and Folkestone Fringe’s Push and Pull. 

Guest speakers and audiences will be asked to re-imagine the limits of identity, question on which side of borders they find themselves and explore the roguishness of creative practices that expand beyond the boundaries of discipline, ideology and institution.

With contributions from the artists Esther Neff, Emilio Rojas, Local Foreigner, Madeleine Hodge and Sheaf+Barley.

]performance s p a c e [ will also be hosting a selection of LADA Study Room Boxes as part of the WAKE Festival.

]performance s p a c e[ HUB

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Tags: Events

Date: 10 September 2017

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Venue: ]performance s p a c e[


62 Tontine Street
CT20 1JP

Tickets: FREE