Gut Reactions: Watch, Read, Chat

Gut Reactions is a series of Study Room Sessions with Phoebe Patey-Ferguson as part of our Study Room Ambassador scheme. It is an opportunity to take some time to watch and discover exciting material from the archive, in a relaxed and open setting.

The current Gut Reactions series will present Heroes of Infamy, as chosen by Phoebe. 

The sessions will run all year from 7:30-10pm on the last Wednesday of every month. See below for further details 

Programme Info 

Wednesday 29 November: Yoko Ono, 7-9pm

“If you keep hammering anti-abortion,

We’ll tell you no more masturbation for men.

Everyday you’re killing living sperms in billions,

So how do you feel about that, brother?”

- Yoko Ono, ‘What a Mess’, 1973

Yoko Ono is one of the world’s most significant living artists. Although she has been a household name for decades, the importance of her artwork, her writing and her music is often overlooked.

Ono was one of the few women associated with New York’s avant-garde music scene and the ‘neo-Dada’ Fluxus movement. Her work is forcefully full of feminist provocation, political activism and artistic experimentation.

Yoko Ono is a pioneer of live art practice. Since the ground-breaking Cut Piece was debuted in 1964 she has been both caressing and smashing the boundaries of acceptability, taste and form.

For our first Gut Reactions of the season we will be passing through Ono’s gentle peace maxims to explore the screaming, railing, destructive, cutting, courageous, controversy-seeking Ono.

Wednesday 31 January: Laurie Anderson

Wednesday 28 February: Ana Mendieta 

Wednesday 28 March: Sophie Calle

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Date: 29 November 2017 to 19 February 2019

Venue: LADA Study Room


The Garrett Centre
117a Mansford Street
Bethnal Green

Tickets: Free

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