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Catalogue Entry

Valie Export: Archiv

Artist/Author: Valie Export

Editor: Yilmaz Dziewior

Publication details

  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Reference No: P1949
  • Date Logged: 22.08.2012

Publication reference

  • ISBN: 978-3863350949
  • Type: Publication

Record verified by LADA
22 August 2012


Tattoo, urban architecture, patriarchal structures, experimental, cinema, film, performance art, body art, visual art, installation, feminism, gender, feminist, Media Aktionism, digital photography, sculpture, art objects, anthology

Collection of documentation, preparatory drawings, scripts, posters, interviews, essays, Polaroids, newspaper clippings and correspondence to provide overview of Valie Export. Works including "Tap and Touch Cinema," "Action Pants: Genital Panic", "BODY SIGN ACTION".