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Study Room Guide: One to One Performance

Artist/Author: Rachel Zerihan

Publication details

  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Reference No: P1320
  • Date Logged: 25.09.2009

Publication reference

  • Type: Publication


one-to-one performance, intimacy, Oreet Ashery, Franko B, Ang Bartram, Jess Dobkin, Davis Freeman/Random Scream, Adrian Howells, Dominic Johnson, Eirini Kartsaki, Leena Kela, Berni Louise, Susana Mendes-Silva, Kira O'reilly,Jiva Parthipan, Michael Pinchbeck, Sam Rose, Samantha Sweeting, Martina Von Holn

One to One Performance offers a series of reflections on a number of performances created by artists for an 'audience of one'. The guide includes a dialogue with Franko B, commentaries from sixteen artists in response to a series of questions, as well as a list of related materials in the Study Room. The Guide is available to view in our Study Room, or can be downloaded as a pdf.