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Artist Videos

Artist/Author: K Yoland

Publication details

  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Reference No: D1860
  • Date Logged: 23.05.2012

Publication reference

  • Type: DVD

Record verified by LADA
23 May 2012


Artist videos including: Look Closer - Video Installation (28 mins), Punch in frame - Video and performance (4 mins), All our finger prints - Video and performance (6 mins), The conjugation of the verb to have - Video (9 mins), Whiter than white - Video and performance (4.5 mins), Devour devotion - performance (6.5 mns). Keywords: multi media, artist, video, photography, performance, installation, identity, power, interaction in local communities and in wider society, site specific and gallery spaces, participants, actors, dancers, Olympic sports-players, musicians, computer programmers and members of the general public, televised war, the American Dream, environmental identity. This included directing dancers in a video installation in Copenhagen, New York city and Paris.