SPILL 2012

SPILL Festival of Performance
31 October to 4 November 2012, Ipswich

An international festival of experimental theatre, Live Art and performance presenting the work of exceptional artists from around the globe and including the SPILL National Platform.

Full programme and booking details www.spillfestival.com

Developed in collaboration with the Agency, and generously supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, the SPILL National Platform is the UK’s open submissions platform for emerging experimental makers. The Platform is at the heart of the SPILL Festival of Performance and will showcase 46 innovative, daring and exciting works, created today by artists of the future.

The Agency is also thrilled to announce the SPILL Study Café, a pop-up version of the Agency’s Study Room. For the Study Café the Agency has curated a selection of 20 Study Boxes each containing a range of hand picked DVDs, books and other materials around specific themes that we think will inspire, excite and intrigue.

This year SPILL launches in Ipswich, my home town. This exciting development sees the festival become an annual event alternating between London and Suffolk.

SPILL is opening a range of sites and venues in Ipswich that haven’t been used for live art before. The size of the town means these are all within walking distance of each other, and a truly packed programme means there’s a huge amount to see and do.

SPILL in Ipswich is possible because local partners and supporters have made it so, including other arts organisations, local authorities and a range of great local businesses. At the festival’s core are over 60 uncompromising live works, many by artists selected from an open call-out generously supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation for the SPILL National Platform.
Prepare to be challenged and amazed.

This year SPILL has been curated around notions of proximity. What does it mean to place experimental performance in a town like Ipswich? Are we near to, or far from London or Europe? And as we launch on Halloween, what will it mean for audiences to encounter so much radical work in such a tightly packed 5 day hit? When the membrane between the living and the dead, the body and the spirit is at its thinnest. The only way to find out my friends is to get up close and personal. For sure it’s a risk, but one very worth taking.”

Robert Pacitti
SPILL Festival Artistic Director


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