Restock, Rethink, Reflect Two: on Live Art and disability

In 2006, the Live Art Development Agency instigated Restock, Rethink, Reflect, a programme of initiatives for and about artists who are exploring and questioning notions of cultural identity. Building on the achievements and findings of Restock, Rethink, Reflect One, this programme of activities explored the ways in which the practices of artists who work with Live Art have engaged with, and represented issues of disability in radical ways.

The key components of Restock, Rethink, Reflect Two: on Live Art and disability:

A DIY7:2010 professional development project led by sean burn and Tim Rubidge which set out to reclaim the languages surrounding disability using live writing, movement and other performance skills.

A Study Room Guide by Aaron Williamson, Disability and New Artistic Models. The Guide is available to read and download from this website.

A two-day public programme in March 2011, Access All Areas, which responded to many of the core issues driving Restock, Rethink, Reflect Two. The programme included specially commissioned durational performance-installations by Noemi Lakmaier and Martin O’Brien, a new performance and retrospective screening by The Disabled Avant-Garde, a landmark symposium, screenings of seminal documentation and works for camera, and a bibliotheque.

The Access All Areas publication. Developed from the Access All Areas public programme and containing materials generated by the event, the Access All Areas publication is a landmark collection of artists' writings, creative dialogues, critical commentaries and DVDs featuring documentation of artists' presentations and performances spanning 20 years. Published by the Agency, April 2012. Purchase here.


Restock, Rethink, Reflect Two is financially assisted by Arts Council England, with additional support from Tower Hamlets Council and British Council, Croatia.

Restock, Rethink, Reflect Two has also been supported by an artists’ advisory group: Tonny A, Katherine Araniello, Bobby Baker, Pete Edwards, Mat Fraser, Catherine Long, Maria Oshodi, Jenny Sealy and Aaron Williamson.


Access All Areas: Live Art and Disability (NYC edition)

Saturday March 29, 2014

LADA has been invited to present a New York City version of the Access All Areas public programme to complement Abron Arts Center’s presentation of Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz’s Beauty and the Beast, directed by Phelim McDermott, in March 2014.

Access All Areas (NYC edition) will be a free, day long event looking at some of the radical approaches to representations of disability being taken by contemporary performance artists, particularly in the UK.

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Presented with the support of the British Council.

The Abrons Arts Center is the performing and visual arts program of Henry Street Settlement. The Abrons supports the creation and presentation of innovative, multi-disciplinary work; cultivates artists in all stages of their practice with educational programs, mentorships, residencies and commissions; and serves as an intersection of engagement for local, national and international audiences and arts-workers.

Live Art Now 

Friday 4th April, 2014

Aaron Wright will be giving a talk entitled Live Art Now on the UK Live Art scene and the work of LADA at Grace Exhibition Space, New York on Friday April 4th (8pm). 

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