Performing Rights

2006 - 2014

Performing Rights was a programme of events curated and produced in collaboration with organisations and others in the UK and around the world. Performing Rights developed from a 2006 partnership between LADA, Queen Mary University, London, East End Collaborations and Performance Studies international for PSi12:Performing Rights (link), and continued as a collaboration between LADA and Lois Weaver of Queen Mary until 2014.

In times of increasing conflicts, injustices, and inequities, Performing Rights set out to reflect the kinds of creative strategies artists are using to effect social, cultural and political change; to illustrate new models of relationships between art and activism; and to consider the role and responsibilities of artists, curators, and performance itself, in the understanding, enactment and sustenance of human rights.

Performing Rights events included performances, presentations, lectures, discussions, screenings, installations and interventions around ideas of performance and human rights.

Performing Rights programmes also featured installations of The Library of Performing Rights, an ever expanding physical resource of books and materials reflecting the relationships between performance and Human Rights.

The Library is housed in LADA’s Study Room, and is available for tour

Performing Rights programmes:

Performing Rights: Encuentro, Montreal, 2014

Performing Rights: Corpo-Copia, Brazil, 2012

Performing Rights Glasgow, 2008

The Long Table on Performing Rights, 2008

Performing Rights Vienna, 2007

PSi #12: Performing Rights, London, 2006

Part of Performing Rights