Long Table on Live Art and Feminism documentation now available

Restock, Rethink, Reflect is an ongoing series of initiatives for, and about, artists who are engaging with issues of identity politics and cultural diversity in innovative and radical ways. RRR3 aims to map and mark the impact of performance on feminist histories and the contribution of artists to discourses around contemporary gender politics.
Long Table on Live Art and Feminism hosted by Lois Weaver took place on 16 October 2013, the first of many conversations that will be held over the coming year with the aim of generating a range of new resources. Images and an audio recording of the Long Table can be found here. Artist Rachel Porter has posted a reflection on the event Putting Feminism Back on the Table in Exeunt. More RRR3 initiatives will be announced soon.

We are pleased to announce that Restock Rethink Reflect Three has received an award from Creativeworks London as part of their 'Creative Vouchers' scheme, supporting a collaboration with Lois Weaver of Queen Mary University of London to research 'Live Art, Feminism and the Archive'.

Part of Restock Rethink Reflect Three: on Live Art and Feminism