Live Art Histories and Futures: a major research project into the Live Art sector in the UK

Responses needed: the Live Art Sector Research Survey

The Research Collective - Elyssa Livergant, Cecilia Wee, Johanna Linsley, Tim Jeeves and Tarek Virani - invite everyone involved with making, producing, disseminating, funding, researching, attending and thinking about Live Art to fill in the Live Art Sector Research Survey. 

This survey is a crucial element of the research project. The collective aim to gather details and experiences of those working in Live Art so they can map its conditions, contexts and its impact on the arts sector and beyond. The survey will take around 20 minutes to fill out.

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The UK’s Live Art sector is globally recognized and respected. Over the last few decades Live Art in the UK has achieved significant national impact in relation to issues of diversity, internationalism, talent development, public impact and removing barriers to engagement to the arts. However, there has never been independent research into the conditions, opportunities, challenges and impacts of the Live Art Sector, until now.

Following a call for proposals, the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) sought proposals from freelance consultants to deliver this unprecedented research into the current conditions, opportunities, challenges and impacts of the UK’s Live Art sector. Twelve proposals were received and reviewed by LADA, in dialogue with a Steering Group comprised of artists, academics, activists, funders and producers, from which the appointment of Dr Elyssa Livergant (London) in collaboration with Dr Cecilia Wee (London), working with Dr Johanna Linsley (Dundee), Dr Tim Jeeves (Liverpool) and Dr. Tarek Virani (London) was made. The consultants will carry out this work as a collective, bringing perspectives of working within and outside Live Art in different locations within the UK, to create a rigorous, critical and robust research base that maps the impact and influence of Live Art, both problematising and celebrating its complexity, diversity and achievements, and generating fresh thinking about potential opportunities for the sector.

We seek to examine Live Art’s influence on the creative case for diversity, the nurturing of challenging and risky artistic practices and mainstream cultures, identifying the challenges that lie ahead for Live Art and proposing actions that will enable development of Live Art practitioners, practices and the sector into the future through an exploration of the people, places, resources and relationships that underpin the sector.” 

Dr Elyssa Livergant, Dr Cecilia Wee, Dr Johanna Linsley, Dr Tim Jeeves and Dr. Tarek Virani

The research will also involve the commissioning of responses to the conditions, opportunities, challenges and impacts of Live Art by writers and artists, to be announced. The research will be completed and its findings published and launched in 2020.

This independent research project is commissioned by the Live Art Development Agency, in partnership with the national network organisation Live Art UK, and is being undertaken in close dialogue with Arts Council England. The project is funded by an award from Arts Council England and partnership support from member organisations across the Live Art UK network.

The consultants plan can be viewed here.