Franko B

I Miss You!

My work presents the body in its most carnal, existential and essential state, confronting the essence of the human condition in an objectified, vulnerable and seductively powerful form.

I believe in beauty, but in a beauty that is not detached from life. My concern is to make the unbearable bearable; to provoke the viewer to reconsider their own understandings of beauty and of suffering.

My performance practice reduces the body to a carnal, bloody, raw and exposed state. My work is not about death; my body is not passive, not a dead body, and, in a way, it is giving life by bleeding.

My work is not an act of nihilism but of sharing and survival.

My work focuses on the visceral, where the body is a canvas but I'm not trying to express what I care about in a cognitive sense – all I can do is return to this fragile connection between real life and the experience of living.

I believe Live Art is something you feel in the action and the reaction, but

I don't separate my Live Art work from my other, object based work or vice versa.

All of my art embodies 'me', and my body is always present in my work whether the form is a live event, a photograph or an object.

You can read my performances as sculptural. I am also painting with my blood.

Part of Live Culture at Tate Modern