DIY16: 2019 - Stacy Makishi: Proud Mary!

What’dya get when you cross: Tina Turner, Mary Wollstonecraft and The Virgin Mary? A Proud Mary! The triple-decker-mother of workshops!

Deadline for applications: 2pm, Thursday 4 July
This DIY is supported by Folkestone Fringe 

Project summary

I grew up poor, weird and working class. I ‘walked funny’ and my baloney sandwiches smelled like feet. Was it my Dyslexia? Dyspraxia? Disoriental-ed? Dyke? Shame made me say, ‘I can’t’.

Then one day, I saw a wild lion-woman roar! The TV announcer said, ‘Ike and Tina Turner’, but I heard ‘I can Tina Turner’.  I jumped to my feet and shouted, ‘I CAN Tina Turner too!’

Tina Turner didn’t own the rights to her own name, much less, her own story. What we don’t own, owns us. Owning our own story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing we can do. Sharing it makes us come alive and transforms shame into pride.

Proud Mary responds to the part of us longing to create, but says, ‘I Can’t’.

  • Can’t begin
  • Can’t continue
  • Can’t finish for fear of failure

How to apply

Participants will delve into mystery’s wet spot making wild art while exploring vulnerability, pride and shame. Expect dancing, shouting, singing and swearing. Plus: wild writing, movement scores, image-making, performance-making and much, much more!

It doesn’t require any live art/performance experience. It longs to go wherever shame might fester. Due to the high volume of shame, we’re offering the same 6-hourworkshop, over 4 days, for four groups listed below:

  • Ex-Cludies (‘I’m treated like shit’)
  • Total Newbies (‘I don’t know shit!’)
  • Total Old-bies (‘I should know shit!’)
  • Curators, producers, writers, teachers (‘I can’t afford to look like shit!

To apply please follow the link below


Dates, times and location


  • August 10 Ex-Cludies
  • August 11 Total Newbies
  • August 17 Total Old-bies (applications closed)
  • August 18 Curators, producers, writers, teachers (applications closed)

Times: 1pm -5pm (with breaks) 6pm Happy Hour (optional)
Location: Folkestone Fringe Studio, Glassworks, Mill Bay, CT20 1JG

The artist

“Stacy Makishi’s like herpes. You can’t get rid of her!”

That’s right, I’m contagious and I wanna spread the gospel of live art!

For over 26 years, I’ve used every opportunity to teach, preach, pervert and convert as many souls to Live Art. I used to think Live Art and Spirituality were separate, even opposite. Now I know they share the same crack: Mystery. (EpiFanny?!?) The function of art and spirituality is to deepen the Mystery.

Art + Spirituality = Transformation

Let’s start a revolution!

DIY - Proud Mary is ready to kick Shame’s ass and spread the gospel of Live Art to all! Let’s all say, ‘We can!

For questions about this DIY, please contact the artist.