DIY16: 2019 - Phoebe Patey-Ferguson & FK Alexander & Andre Neely: THE CULT

Are you feeling fed up and pissed off?
Are you confused and overwhelmed?
Are you isolated and unfulfilled?
Are you ready to welcome ART into your life?


Deadline for applications: 2pm, Thursday 20 June
This DIY is supported by LADA as part of Managing the Radical

Project summary

In uncertain and divided times, we are returning the sacred into arts administration and practice. Those who are organising, making and writing about live art will be returned to their role as spiritual leaders and cosmic comrades who are responsible for the holistic physical, psychological, emotional, psychic and intellectual life of the art, the artist and all who enter the art space. The creation of shared ritual practices, a precise path and collective accountability will offer sanctuary for all those who join from the horror of the neoliberalised art market, working towards salvation from the total ecological disaster that will consume us in eleven years time.

This DIY project is the founding of the THE CULT. At the DIY weekend we will explore religious rituals, key faith practices and designate the core knowledge texts for THE CULT. This will be done in contemplative meditation, communion with each other and the universe. 

How to apply

This is an opportunity for all those who are disaffected, weary and resentful of current neoliberal practices in the arts including artists, academics, producers, workers and administrators.

We are particularly interested in participants who have some experience of being part of religious or spiritual organisations at any point in their lives, or with sustained personal ritualistic or magic practices.

Dates, times and location

The DIY will take place over three days (two nights) on a residential trip based somewhere in the UK. This is likely to be 25 - 27 October or 1 - 3 November.

We will cover accommodation and vegan food will be provided. There will be both full and part busaries available for travel.

Please let us know of any access requirements upon application and we will do everything in our power to facilitate your full participation.

The artists

The artists want to start a new world. The artists want to bring people together, to sing together, to learn together. The artists want to destroy the network but create communion. The artists want mutual support. The artists do not want to send emails or make spreadsheets. The artists don’t want them getting away with it anymore. The artists want to live without exploitation. The artists want their beliefs to be recognised. The artists want to assume their true form outside of bio’s and project descriptions. The artists want to be indescribable. The artists want the power to change the world and then transcend it.

For questions about this DIY, please contact the artists.

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