DIY 15: 2018 - Katherine Araniello & Teresa Albor: How the fuck…?

An exercise in the possibilities of not planning. Not having a plan is our de facto plan.

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Mon 18 June
This DIY is supported by the Southbank Centre

Project summary

Administration can crush the creative spirit. Over planning and working out details is limiting and time consuming. We are already making plans in our heads and we are fighting to stop this tendency to prepare. We genuinely want to see what happens when a dozen artists just turn up. We will completely avoid the possibility that “things will not go to plan” as it will be impossible for this to happen if there is no plan.

1. Everyone turns up on day one at 12:00 pm
2. We see what happens
3. We eat and drink whenever we want
4. We see what happens
5. We go home 

Day two:
Repeat day one

How to apply

The online application asks why you would like to participate in this DIY, followed by an example of something that you didn't plan (or which didn't go to plan) and something which was destroyed by over-planning.


Dates, times and location

Dates: 8-9 Sep 2018
Times: 12noon-6pm both days
Location: London

The artists

As a team: we are both artists who do an extraordinary amount of planning and administration. We are genuinely interested in serendipity, playfulness, being “in the moment”, and we are very tired. Together, we have developed a live art methodology wherein we come up with a concept, work out the narrative (if there is one), gather the props—but we do not rehearse, we improvise. (Beauty Salon, 2018; Bake a Cake, 2018).  We want to take this lack of planning a step further....

Katherine Araniello is a London-based performance artist, who uses performance, video and subversive humour in response to the mundane, social awkwardness and the negative representation of disability. In the past year she has worked with artists such as Ursula Martinez, Kim Noble, Daniel Oliver and Teresa Albor. 

Teresa Albor is also based in London (although she was born and raised in the US). Having begun her career as a painter/sculptor, she’s been making live art for a decade—alongside video, sound and installation work. She’s currently an artist in residence at Kings College (focusing on heroin and unconditional love). Over the past year she’s worked with Katherine Meynell, Lady Helena Vortex, Sarah Kent, Dagmara Bilon and Katherine Araniello.

For questions about this DIY, please contact Teresa.

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