DIY 15: 2018 - Marikiscrycrycry: SH4ME/[N0 SH4ME]

Giving form and function to the dance party

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Mon 2 Jul
This DIY is supported by BUZZCUT and Live Art UK's Diverse Actions initiative

Project summary

is a S   P   A    C   E
giving form and function
to the
dance party. 

And with our collective
and individual shames
dancing can say something about
this and that.

But seriously
This is the S[  ]P[  ]A[   ]C[  ]E that you want in your <3

in between the dance class you always wanted to take
and the party with the beats that beat within you in all of the ways that you desire

Dancing is not a magician
but let us
let it
to us




[This is a series of dancing workshops that will both challenge the idea of what a dance workshop is and can be while highlighting another way of exchange and information gathering working with the idea and embodiment of SHAME and NO SHAME]

How to apply

Open to EVERYONE. Trans/Black/Queer/and People of Colour prioritised.

To apply, register your details in the online application and tell us a bit about why you want to take part.


Dates, times and location

Dates: 28-29 Sep 2018
Location: Glasgow

The artist

Marikiscrycrycry is the performance alias of London-based choreographer, artist, and dancer Malik Nashad Sharpe. Their work operates with an expansive and affective choreographic proposition built around the ontologies of Blackness and Queerness. Their work excavates and materialises complexified dance systems, experimenting with the choreographic form at the unruly juncture of possibility and marginalisation. Relying on emotional and ephemeral performative acts and textures, their dancework patches together references and refusals as vexed assemblages of the cultural and political present. Their work builds and motorises the and conditions and strategies necessary for futurity, choreographing continuance and perpetuity as radical social provocation.

Their works have been presented in various theatres and galleries in Canada, UK, USA. Their solo work ‘A S S I M I L A T I O N’ was shown in New York City’s FiveMyles Gallery (2015), Panoply Performance Lab (2016), Tempting Failure/Theatre Utopia (2016), Steakhouse Live/Rich Mix (2016), to acclaim with Exeunt calling it a 'raw portrait of Black and Queer identity politics'. ‘$ELFIE$’ was commissioned by Fierce Festival, The Marlborough Pub and Theatre, with funding support from the Arts Council England, premiering at Fierce Festival (2017), with additional performances at CCA (2017), Marlborough Pub and Theatre (2017), and Hackney Showroom (2017). Their latest work with Ellen Furey,‘SOFTLAMP.autonomies’ premiered at Theatre La Chapelle (2018), and was called “brilliant” by DFDanse. They’ve recently served as the Movement Dramaturg for English National Opera/Gate Theatre Co Production of “Effigies of Wickedness”, and will be artist-in-residence at Duckie in July.

They have taught workshops widely and at institutions like Tate Modern, Live Art Development Agency, Glasgow School of Art, The Work Room at Tramway, School for New Dance Development, Goldsmiths, CLOUD at Danslab, Hackney Showroom, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Otion Front Studio, amongst many others.

For questions about this DIY, please contact Malik.

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