DIY 13: 2016 - FK Alexander ‘HEAVY META(L) - The Power of Collective Action and of Power Chords’


A 3 day retreat exploring durational actions as a collective, using Buddhist retreat structure, task based actions in natural environments, silence, drone metal, and destroying your personal possessions

Project summary

This DIY is a space where the power of a group can offer support to spend time exploring simple durational action based tasks that, when alone, may be challenging to fully commit to - mirror work, repetitive actions, sound meditations, nature walks. 

Retreatants will be asked to bring two items of sentimental value which they are willing to let go of. In the evening we will destroy these in a symbolic ritual, while listening to drone metal. 

There will be vegan meals, periods of silence and time outdoors in day and night. There is no focus on finished performances or product. 


This is aimed at artists with any level of interest in time based action tasks, meditation rituals, those seeking time spent together, without talking.

Interest in drone metal not necessary. 

Applications require answers to the following questions:

  • Stillness and silence; do you find your self in these states often, and how do you manage yourself in them?
  • How do you deal with boredom and frustration, especially in the context of a group? 
  • How would this DIY benefit your arts practice? why do you want to take part in this? 
  • For this DIY, all participants will be asked to bring 2 items (diary, photographs, a toy, an ex's jumper, your mothers necklace - anything) that are personal/sentimental to them and that they are willing to destroy. What could your items be and what do you feel would be the benefit of destroying these?

FK will be assessing applications anonymously.

Dates, times and location

Dates: Thu 10 - Sun 13 Nov 
Times: Arrival Thursday afternoon/evening, Friday and Saturday are full retreat days, with departure on Sunday
Location: Folkestone
This DIY is supported by Folkestone Fringe

The artist

FK Alexander is a Glasgow-based performance artist whose work is concerned with wound, recovery, aggressive healing, radical wellness and noise. FK's work places the body at the centre of ritualised action in often ridiculous attempts to communicate ideas around new language, new violence, and new love. Their work has been seen at Buzzcut Festival, Spill Festival of Performance, InBetween Time, Arches Live, Behaviour, MPA Berlin, Tempting Failure, SteakhouseLive! and Edinburgh Fringe. They have been supported through ArtsAdmin, Creative Scotland, Arts Council England, LADA, Jerwood Charitable Foundation and Summerhall Edinburgh, with mentoring by Lydia Lunch. 

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