DIY 12: 2015 - Ursula Martinez ‘Don’t wait tables’

Don’t wait tables - make an act!

Project summary:
This two-day training session is aimed at artists who usually supplement their artist’s income with an unrewarding part-time job. The project is designed to assist these artists in making a short cabaret act/performance piece, from which they can earn cash money.

Application Deadline: Deadline passed.

Dates, times and location(s):
19 and 20 November 2015 in st Helens, Merseyside (exact times tbc)

The artist:
Longtime Duckie associate artist, Ursula Martinez is a writer, performance artist and cult cabaret diva who has managed to move freely between the commercial sector and the 'arty' sector, which has given her a good balance between artistic satisfaction and financial security.


St Helens, Merseyside