DIY: 12 2015 - Tim Bromage ‘Excursions: Creative writing for perfomance’

Want to use text in your performance? Don’t know where to start? Come and join me for a week long workshop, creating new writing for performance at the National Theatre Studio, London

Project Summary

This writing workshop is aimed at artists who have an interest in writing for performance but have yet to take the plunge. The workshop will provide a clear timeframe in which to develop a piece of performance text. Its focus will be on developing writing that is both personal and site specific.

Participating artists will be provided with a background of theatre and performance within London, and the history of the National Theatre Studio. The group will explore and select items from the prop and costume department, before creating personal responses to objects, history and site. I have an interest in mythology, and the associations that we bring to each new experience. I am keen to explore creative writing as a vehicle for examining and re-interpreting these associations.

Throughout the workshop there will be an emphasis on vocalising text and how this alters the written word. This will be explored through group discussions and one to one readings. Critical discourse has played a major role in my artistic development my main aim is to create an intensive and nurturing environment for everyone involved. At the end of the week each artist will present a reading of their work to camera, the resulting performances will be hosted on line.

Please note: Each participant will recieve £100 to cover travel to and from London, unfortunately we cannot provide accommodation in London for the duration of the workshop

Application Deadline: Deadline passed.

Dates, times and location

Monday 10 – Friday 14 August
National Theatre Studio, London 

The Artist 

Tim Bromage Is a performer and writer based in Cardiff, his practice draws upon his interests in folklore, stage magic, and physical movement. Props and costume are often combined with text, song, and other activities to create strange rituals. Placed within this context the magical effect becomes a mode of symbolic demonstration, creating narratives that often reference cultural myths and histories of the places where he lives.  


National Theatre Studio
100 -104 The Cut