DIY 12: 2015 - Owen G. Parry ‘Fans of Live Art’

Fanaticize over a live art figure, document, group, movement or practice of your hearts desire!

Project Summary

What might be the fruits of relinquishing professionalism and critical cynicism in favour of more sincere, delusional, and emotionally-driven approaches of the fan? Participants are invited to spend 3 days fanaticizing over a live art figure, document, group, movement or practice of their hearts desire. Fan-subject choices made out of irrelevance, unsound perspective, biased or flawed motives, and horny desires will be encouraged. Participants will be led into possession by their subject, and offered a toolkit of unusual fan methods by fan experts to create their very own live art fan fictions on and through the medium of live art.

Expect stalking, forced romance, collecting, shrines, parody mashups, tribute acts, body modification, cosplay, roleplay, chanting, moshing and fainting!

This workshop is for 8-12 adult participants who consider themselves a fan of live art, or are open to becoming one. Non-artists are welcome!

Application deadline: Deadline passed.

Dates, times, location

Fri 25 - Sun 27 September, London, 2pm - 9pm each day.

The Artist

Owen G. Parry is a fan of Live Art and wants to create the impossible - something that Yoko didn’t already do in 1968. His fan art is mostly research driven and is often collaborative, exploring the intersection between pop culture and the avant-garde to create new mythologies in place of any consistent artistic language or style. Visit the Fan Riot website.

In collaboration with Home Live Art and Whitechapel Studios.