DIY 12: 2015 - Katherine Araniello ‘I Can’t Dance’

Art is hard. A day of participatory physical activity, impossible for everyone but accessible to all.

Project Summary

This day long workshop is an opportunity for artists to explore and mine areas in which they have no abilities, experience or knowledge, to enhance and inspire their artistic practice. It will take artists through a process that will give an insight into Araniello’s working practices and a chance to apply her twisted and subversive humour and approach to their future work. Tricky taboo subjects, clichés and stereotypes are areas that Araniello is adept at readdressing, and through the day’s activities the artists will then get the chance to present short performances on subjects that are taboo to them.  Ultimately, Araniello invites you to examine how 'inabilities' can actually be useful in the generation of new ideas and new art, opening up new spaces previously deemed off limits.

Participants must be willing to be faced with impossible tasks and find ways to work with them that suits their individual practice. For example, when something is inaccessible (to the artist), they will be forced to develop an approach that means they can subvert the task to suit them. Participants can expect an element of surprise and everything may not appear quite as it seems. The nature of the day is not necessarily in a chronological order, but rather a whirlwind of exercises that will keep artists on their toes. Dance will form the backbone of the day’s activities, regardless of competence or experience. Participants are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothing suitable for movement.

Application Deadline: Deadline passed.

Dates, times and location
Tuesday 15 September, Colchester Arts Centre. 12-5.30pm.

The Artist
Katherine Araniello is a London-based performance and video artist, using subversive humour to expose hypocrisy in response to contemporary themes. Her art transforms bleak and grim truths of mundane realities of disability and taboo subjects. She also works under the guise of SickBitchCrips (SBC) and with Aaron Williamson as The Disabled Avant-Garde (DAG). Araniello holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College.

Supported by Unlimited Impact; supporting artists and venues to celebrate the work of disabled artists, funded by Spirit of 2012.