New LADA Coordinator: Finn Love

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Katy Baird joined LADA as Coordinator in May 2012.  Over the past 5 years her artistic practice and curatorial work with Steakhouse Live has thrived and so she is, sadly, leaving LADA to focus on these pursuits.

Katy said, “working at the Live Art Development Agency has literally changed my life!”

We are delighted to announce that from January 2017 Finn Love will be joining LADA as Coordinator, a 12-month full-time position as part of LADA’s Next Steps Scheme for emerging Live Art administrators and producers.

Finn graduated from Queen Mary University of London in 2015 with a BA in Drama, and in 2016 with an MA in Theatre and Performance. They have worked with several arts organisations including LIFT, In-Between Time and SPILL, both in production and administration. Finn also works freelance as a producer and has performed as a drag artist across the UK.

Finn said, “the opportunity to work at LADA, somewhere I value and respect, and to develop my skills and interests is hugely exciting. Since first moving to London, LADA, Unbound and the Study Room have helped me understand and enjoy Live Art. I’m looking forward to working as Coordinator, to familiarising myself with and contributing to LADA’s resources and to helping others to engage with Live Art in the ways LADA has for me."

Date Posted: 16 January 2017