15 Minutes With… Jane Trowell and Gary Anderson

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2014 marks the 15th Anniversary of the Live Art Development Agency. To celebrate, we are planning a number of activities across the year, including the “15 Minutes With…” podcast series.

“15 Minutes With…” is a series of short dialogues with some of the exceptional artists and thinkers that LADA has had the pleasure of working with over the last 15 years. Using the lens of the Agency and the occasion of our 15th Anniversary, the dialogues will reflect on how critical some of these shifts have been, not only to Live Art, but to the wider culture of the UK.

#8 Jane Trowell and Gary Anderson discuss Activism and Live Art

Jane Trowell is a member of Platform, a collective that brings together artists, activists, researchers and campaigners who collaborate to make work on social and ecological justice. 

Gary Anderson is a senior lecturer in Drama at Liverpool Hope University and the co-founder of The Free University of Liverpool and The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home.

Projects and initiatives referred to in the podcast: DIY 6: Business and Usual, DIY 7: Freedom of Movement, DIY 8: The Committee, DIY 6: Exercises to Activate the Political Imagination of the City Wanderer, DIY 5: First Retreat then Advance!!, ‘Five’ by The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home

Date Posted: 27 November 2014