How we work

All aspects of LADA’s work are informed by issues of difference and diversity. We are committed to creating the conditions in which innovation, experimentation and risk can thrive, and developing new forms of public engagement and new discourses around the nature, role and value of contemporary culture. LADA particularly supports the most challenging artists, practices and ideas of contemporary culture, including emerging artists, artists from culturally diverse backgrounds, and artists working around issues of social and environmental justice.

LADA works strategically, in partnership and in consultation with artists and organisations in the cultural sector. Our collaborative ethos and innovative approaches are nationally and internationally recognized as models of best practice.

LADA is organisationally structured and culturally positioned to work collaboratively across a range of constituencies, be they artists, scholars, institutions or universities, and across a range of disciplines from visual art, theatre and pedagogy, to social movements.

Complementing collaborations based on shared values, we pioneer models of cooperation to pool resources and expertise. These include low cost, high impact initiatives such as the DIY professional development programme (which pools the resources of national partners) and the shared expertise of the Live Art UK network.

By working in consultation with artists, LADA pioneers bespoke and influential artist-led professional development initiatives that respond to the shifting needs of artists across their careers.

LADA is committed to equality of opportunity and to responding to the complex needs of a diverse society, and we aim to enhance the involvement of artists, arts professionals and the public regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, class, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or education.

LADA has an Equal Opportunities Policy, Equality Action Plan, Environmental Policy and Ethical Funding Policy, which are monitored and updated regularly.

LADA is responsible to a Board of Directors. LADA also works with the support and advice of its Publishing Committee, Finance Committee, Fundraising & Marketing Committee and Digital Advisory Group.

LADA is a member of Visual Arts UK, an alliance of national bodies working collectively to be a powerful voice for the visual arts in the UK.

LADA is a member of an informal arts & ecology lobbying group, coordinated by Platform.

LADA are part of international line-up of individuals and organisations dedicated to the Oil Sponsorship Free Commitment indicating that we do not take any oil, coal, or gas corporate sponsorship for our cultural work. We call on our peers and institutional partners to refuse fossil fuel funding too.


LADA is committed to increasing access to Live Art. Many of our resources, such as the Study Room, are free to use; most DIY projects are free for participants; we ensure that the ticketed events and publications we produce are affordable to those on no or low wages; and whenever possible, we make open, public calls for participation in our projects and initiatives.

Our facility is DDA compliant and accessible to wheelchair users. LADA's office and Study Room can be accessed by lift. LADA operates a policy of reasonable adjustment and will endeavor to meet any access requirements where possible.


LADA is committed to responding to all communications it receives in an appropriate, timely and respectful manner.


LADA strives to provide contracts or letters of agreement to all artists and other providers of goods and services, which will be defined equitably between all parties to the agreement, and wherever possible adhere to industry or cultural sector standards in terms of fees, expenses and other terms and conditions. We are committed to paying artists promptly for their work, and ensuring that artists receive appropriate acknowledgement and respect.

Monitoring of users

In order to help LADA monitor our commitment to equality of opportunity and access, whenever possible we monitor the general demographics of our Study Room users; respondents to Calls for Proposals or participation; and attendees at public events. Any such monitoring is for statistical information and confidential use. For full details please see our Privacy Policy.

Banking, pensions and investments

LADA monitors, and where appropriate is in dialogue with, the financial institutions it banks and invests with, to ensure that LADA’s financial resources are entrusted to institutions who operate to and promote ethical standards.

Compliance with legislation

LADA strives to comply with all Government legislation relevant to its programmes and operations, including Race Relations, DDA, Equal Pay and Sex Discrimination.

Complaints procedure

LADA operates a Complaints Policy. If someone has a complaint to make about the way that LADA has provided a service or carried out a Policy, we have the following procedures in place to help.

Complaints will be dealt with confidentially in writing, usually by email. We encourage complaints in writing, as this ensures a better understanding of the issues and as a result enables us to provide you with a more accurate and efficient response. In the first instance, complaints should be addressed to the Chair of the Board of the Live Art Development Agency.